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If you are looking for three way catalytic converter for a particular thermal conductivity or material, get in touch with us. Our experts will customise the product as per your unique requirements, respective countries norms and deliver it on time in top condition anywhere in the world.

Catalytic Converters are an important part of a vehicle's emission control system as it removes nitrogen oxides (NO X, x=1,2,3) and carbon monoxide (CO), and unburned hydrocarbons which are harmful gases from the combustion residues before releasing it in the air, polluting the environment.  It's a technology that controls exhaust emissions from stoichiometric CNG, LPG, & gasoline engines etc.

Three-way catalytic mufflers, control carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions bringing them down almost by 90-99% along with meeting all emission standards.

Techinstro Automation supplies widest range of 3 way catalytic converters to customers for all types of vehicles. We cater to global audience and our trade markets extend to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe, Oceania, South America, Southern Europe, Central America and North America. We supply catalytic converter as per the current Euro norms or as per the client requirement if they need existing Euro norm set by their country.

Excellent coating adherence we provide avoids catalyst peel-off, eliminates blockage, and keeps OBD at bay. Three-way catalytic converters we supply can be used on all on-road, off road, industrial installations and machinery. Engine Compliance standards; suitable for petrol, diesel, and general engines. Available in width 20mm to 300 mm; in oval, round, and rectangular shape as per requirement. Substrate material used is ceramic honeycomb or metal (alloy of stainless steel) honeycomb.

Underfloor Catalytic Converter – This one has to be positioned on the under-floor of vehicle. Manifold or Close Coupled Catalytic Converter is designed in way as to fit directly to the vehicle's manifold where exhaust gases are hotter. Then there is a type of Catalytic Converter that is part of the manifold and is therefore positioned where the exhausts gases are at their hottest.

Send your requirements or if you want to discuss them with us, send us an email. To check availability, lead time and pricing info drop us an email.

Your consignments will arrive in protected cartons, individually wrapped, in foam or airbag, in wooden or cardboard boxes according to order size and quantity; will also be customized according to drawings and samples sent by customers. We offer competitive pricing and assure you of high quality.

You can talk directly to us if you need any kind of assistance regarding the product

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