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Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) is an after treatment device designed specifically for diesel powered engines and equipment that aids in converting CO and hydrocarbons into Carbon Dioxide & water vapour.  Techinstro Automation offers simple yet highly effective DOC solutions to meet Stage VI and Tier 6 Interim/Final emissions standards.

DOCs supplied here are easy to install, inexpensive, demands least maintenance and no additional control from the machine operator. They’re suitable for all types and applications of diesel engines; we supply DOC in M series, D series, and Q-Doc series.

M-Series catalysts are used on large displacement engines or when client demands metal substrates. D series are designed to extend performance of diesel catalytic converters into the low temperature range. They are recommended to control HC, DPM and CO in all temperature ranges. Odour is nearly eliminated. You can email us to receive the size chart and know availability status, etc.

We supply DOC to customers as per their required engine capacity, type of fuel, engine displacement and torque in compact yet flexible design. Used in Agricultural tractors, tele-handlers, Access Platforms, Trenchers, Skid steer loaders, excavators, loaders and more...our other product comprises the rough and tough industrial and electric power engines. They are designed to work around the clock irrespective of environmental conditions. They are made using latest and reliable technology that provides clean and quiet power; and meets Stage VI/Tier 6 and lower stage Final emission standards.

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