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A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a system/device that eliminates diesel particulate matter (DPM) or soot, from the exhaust of diesel engines. Although diesel machineries have gained popularity over the years because of advanced diesel engine technology and the excellent fuel economy they offer, they have drawn lot of flak for causing environmental damage.  NOx & particulate emissions are reported to be very high in diesel operated automation. 

Introduction of Diesel Particulate Filters (also referred to as DPFs, FAPs) have proved to be a huge leap forward by automotive manufactures towards green initiative.  

Techinstro Automation is highly reliable manufacturer and supplier of DPF for vehicles as well as off road equipments. Made with optimum grade aluminium titan, we initially developed and supplied DPF made using electrical regeneration; presently we apply several regeneration methods to meet retrofit needs. Our Diesel Particulate Filters are made using highly advanced and effective emissions reduction technology that removes around 85% to 90% of particulate matter.

We combine quality with value and offer our global customers a comprehensive range of diesel particulate filters based on their unique specific requirements.

These DPF’s are easy to install, offer durability, and are corrosion resistant. Other features include automatic and fast regeneration, least interference in usage routine, special kit eases integration, Filter offers long loading period etc. We also have a test system in place which determines soot generated from the diesel engine. Our Quality Control team uses the most unique and sophisticated tools where each DPF piece is tested on several parameters before dispatching the consignment to buyer.

Whether you need Diesel particulate filters for construction machines, forklift trucks,  stationery gensets, trucks or commercial vehicles, transit and school buses, ships, rails, or any other special application, send us an email!

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