Description: Check out our catalogue for environment friendly gas emission control solutions for vehicles and stationary engines and electronic industries product; catering to clients worldwide; on time delivery, clear terms and conditions. Only genuine buyers!

Introduction: Techinstro Automation is a modern enterprise providing cost-effective, reliable, and environment friendly gas emission solutions. Besides we also deal in products used in electronic industry.

Clients: Our cliental base mainly industries are spread across the globe. Our products range meets international standards. Our terms with regard to ordering, packaging, payment etc. are clearly laid out. We cater to end users as well as distributors, dealers.

Assets & Industries we Cater to: Our assets comprise advanced equipment, a young, energetic, proficient and experienced team of professionals which with leading technology strength, excellent operational management and high-quality services which has got us the recognition of the chemical, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, building material, aerospace, machinery, electronic, and other industries.

Our approach is customer centric and that of a consultant offering advice and suggestions as required; our team's expertise, extensive industry knowledge, responsiveness, and quality of our products is what has helped us to have a solid client base across the globe.

Send us your requirement by mail or talk to us. You can talk to us if you need any kind of assistance regarding the product

Mission and Values

We believe in our 4  customer promises set us apart from the rest :

1. Mission

We use our skills and willingness to develop engineered solutions from standard product for automations platforms to create value for money to our customers.

2. Quality

• We give attention on the quality of our products.

• We give importance the quality of our relationships with our customers, our representatives and our associates.

• We work to make certain quality of the data we share.

3. Delivery

• We protect the integrity of our lead times (On-time delivery).

• We work quickly and competently.

• We act with a sense of determination.

• We are trustworthy.

• We keep our promises.

4. Customer Service

• We focus on helping the customer.

• We go out of our way to help solve problems.

• We are willing to do the right thing, even when it's the "hard" thing.

• We make every customer feel like they are the only one we want.

9001:2008 CERTIFIED



Yadav Nagar, Nagpur, India


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